As of the 16th of March the whole office is working from home. I would like to remind you of a small set of ideas to remind yourself of to keep doing. This list will probably be expanded by the day. In these strange difficult times, also keep each other positive and help each other whereever you can. Together we can kick the Corona virus out.

Stay hydrated - Keep a bottle of water close and keep drinking your water. Staying hydrated is important and keeps you smiling. It also allows you to take a short break, and refocus on the work you are doing.

To keep yourself reminded that you are working and thus in a different space, wear the clothing you would wear to work as well. Do not wear comfortable clothing or work in your pyjama’s because you are at home. You are still working so adapt to that.

Stand up, walk around the house, run up and down the stairs a couple of times. Take your usual coffee breaks and make them healthy! When you have your lunch planned, take a walk outside. Breath in some fresh air, enjoy the sun. Do not stay inside the whole day. Take enough breaks

The most important in this period of the Covid-19 virus is to follow the instructions from your government. They do not make the instructions out of boredom. FOLLOW THEM and make sure you do whatever to keep yourself and others safe. Together we can kick Corona out.